Our Company Story


     Lou's Organic Lab LLC is a family owned business in Wilmington, North Carolina. It's owned and operated by Lou and Jenny Painter. (Yep, that's us in the photo.) We handcraft a world-class skincare product, All Natural Skin Serum Formula 1225. Our skin serum is arguably the finest in the world, made with thirteen botanicals and oils that have been medically proven to nourish skin. It contains no alcohol, no mineral oil or parabens, and it's not diluted with water. Jenny and I are involved in every aspect of Lou's Organic Lab, and we ship Formula 1225 worldwide.


     We developed Formula 1225 while I was researching an all natural alternative to the aerosol shave cream I was using at the time. It was leaving my face extremely dry and itchy due to the various chemicals and alcohol it contained.  

     As development of Formula 1225 neared its completion, Jenny tried some of our mixture on her age spots and dark circles under her eyes. Very soon, she noticed that her age spots had faded, the dark circles had vanished, and her skin felt soft and supple. That's when we knew that we had generated something far beyond a shave cream: we had developed a skin serum! 

     We then shared Formula 1225 with family members and friends to gain feedback. Their reviews were extremely positive:

                    "Your skin serum reduced my wrinkles!"

                    "I can't believe how soft my skin feels!"

                    "Formula 1225 healed my baby's diaper rash!"

                    "My hands look ten years younger!"

                    "My skin never looked better!"

                    "This stuff is awesome for sunburn!"

                    "Your Formula 1225 is superfood for my skin!"

     Their glowing reviews persuaded us to go into business and share Formula 1225 with the world. And here we are!