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Our all-natural, hydrating Greek Goddess Facial Cleanser will revolutionize how you clean your face! It will gently remove dirt, make-up, sunscreen, and impurities and leave your face feeling soft and slightly moisturized. NO MORE DRY FACE OR ITCHY SKIN!

The ancient Greeks knew a thing or two about beauty, and they knew not to use detergents on their face! 


Our Greek Goddess Facial Cleanser contains no detergents or chemicals and is not diluted with water. It's 100% all-natural and 100% pure. It's handcrafted with Aphrodite's deluxe blend of 11 revitalizing facial oils: olive, grapeseed, jojoba, rosehip, avocado, sunflower, argan, vitamin E, calendula, castor, and sweet almond. It's large 8 oz size will provide you with several months worth of healthy, beautifying use.      


The Science behind the Greek Goddess Facial Cleanser method:

Water and oil don't mix. Never has, never will. The vast majority (99%) of facial cleansers on the market today are water-based, and these products have to harsh detergents and chemicals added to to their water-based formulas to achieve a sudsing and cleaning reaction. Just read the label on the back. These detergents and chemicals are very hard on your skin and leave your face dry and stripped of all the skin's natural oils. That's why your face feels so dry and tight after you use one of these water-based facial clensers; that's why your face can look red and blotchy.  



Oil likes oil. Oils like working together. When you use our Greek Goddess Facial Cleanser, which is an an oil-based cleansing method without detergents and chemicals, the natural oils in our formula will work in harmony with the natural oils on your face to gently dissolve dirt, remove make-up and impurities, and, with regular use, begin to dissolve blackheads. The end result of cleaning your face with our Greek Goddess Facial Cleanser is that your face will be clean and soft and slightly moisturized. Helen of Troy and Aphrodite would have approved of our new oil-based facial cleanser! And you'll love using it, too!      


Directions: Put a quarter-size amount on dry palms and massage on dry face for 30-60 seconds. Rinse a clean washcloth under very warm water, wring out and press against your face for 30 seconds. Do not skip this step. Then, use this cloth to gently remove the oil from your face using small circular motions. Don't scrub. Optional step: Afterwards, rinse with warm water. Either way, pat dry with a clean towel. Your face will be clean, soft, and slightly moisturized. Apply our facial cream if needed.

Greek Goddess Facial Cleanser 8 oz

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