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Make Extra Income Marketing
Our Skin Serum Formula 1225

$$  Big Bucks Are Possible!  $$

Our Sales Representative Financial Plan


We have a solid money making opportunity for you. You can earn ‘now’ money and ‘residual’ income by selling our All-Natural Skin Serum Formula 1225 to friends, family, co-workers, etc., and through your social media. Our sales opportunity

is stress free. You are your own boss. You can work your own hours, at your own pace, and there are no monthly sales minimums to meet before you start making money. You'll earn money on your very first sale. You will represent a world-class product, our handcrafted All-Natural Skin Serum Formula 1225. Our Skin Serum will sell itself---if you get people to sample it. There’s no ceiling to the amount of monthly income you can build through our independent sales rep program. The ingenious part of our Financial Plan is that your income will steadily grow as you stay with it and add more customers.

I have tracked our company sales numbers since we started two and a half years ago, and here are two statistics that will encourage you:

  1. On average, 50% of those who sample of our Skin Serum Formula 1225 purchase it.

   2. 100% of those who buy and use Formula 12225 love it.

This makes it possible for you to build a customer base who will re-order from you time and again. And they will tell their friends, and those friends can order from you, and on and on your monthly income can grow.

We have never had one discouraging word said about our skin serum, as our customer reviews prove (please see our ‘Reviews’ menu tab on this company website. When Jenny and I are at a farmer’s market demonstrating our products to the public, customers who have previously bought our skin serum often stop by and tell us how much they love Formula 1225 and purchase another jar. We believe that this same positive customer reaction will happen for you, too, as you build your own customer base. Note: The customers you develop will always remain your customers!

There are no minimum monthly sales requirements. The cost for your Business Starter Kit is $19.99 plus tax and shipping, and this includes samples, business cards, and everything you'll need to start making money. You will receive:

  1. 12 Shear Organza Bags (which will contain a sample of our Skin Serum Formula 1225) for you to give to potential        customers. Each sample packet will consist of a ¼ ounce sample jar of our All-Natural Skin Serum Formula 1225, a ‘Benefits of Our Skin Serum’ paper listing the benefits of our skin serum, and a business card which lists the ingredients of our serum and our website and has space for you to print your contact info.

  2. 12   1/4 oz Sample Containers of our All-Natural Skin Serum Formula 1225 (for the organza bag sampler)

  3. 12   Business Cards with room for your contact info (for the organza bag sampler)

  4. 12   Benefits of Our Skin Serum papers (for the organza bag sampler)

This Business Starter Kit gives you the potential to sample twelve people. A minimum of six of these twelve potential customers should buy a 4 oz jar, and you will have made 'Now' money and laid the foundation for future repeat sales as well (Residual money).

Additional Business Sample Kits will cost $19.99 plus shipping and tax.

You can order our Business Starter Kit here or on our 'Shop' Page.

Here's What You'll Earn

You’ll make $15.00 on each 4 oz jar of Skin Serum Formula 1225 that you sell, whether in-person or via our company website. You'll make $5.00 on each 2 oz jar of our Skin Serum Formula 1225 that you sell via our company website.

Our 4 oz jar sells for $39.99 on our company website and that is the jar you will be selling. We suggest that you pre-sell our serum at $40 per jar by having people sample our serum and either collect the money in advance or have them order from our website. If you collect the money, you would then order wholesale from us and deliver the serum to your customer. Your cost per 4 oz jar is $25 plus shipping and tax. For local reps, you can pick the jars up at our house or we can deliver them to you.

There is also the tremendous potential of making money by directing your customers to our website.

You’ll make $15 on each 4 oz jar of skin serum you sell via our company website. By having your customers order from our website, it allows you to sell to people in your area, but also to people you know in other cities and states. The potential for internet orders in your name is HUGE! All you have to do is tell people about our skin serum and direct them to our website and have them mention your name on the order or you can email us their name so we'll be looking for them on your behalf. .

When your customer orders from our company website, we will pack the jar with a thank you note reminding them to re-order from you in the future, and we will ship the order for you to your customer. We will pay you on the first of each month for the sales you directed to our website.

If one of your customers go to our website and they order a 2 oz jar instead, you will make $5.

Note: If someone comes up to us at a farmer’s market and says, for example,  “Mary sent me” and buys a 4 oz jar, Mary will make $10 because the jar is already discounted to $35.  Mary will still make $5 on the 2 oz jar.

If you, over time, develop 30 loyal customers, you will make $450 when they order from you initially (‘Now” money) and each time they re-order you’ll make $450 (‘Residual Income’). If you develop 50 customers, you’ll make $750 when they order from you initially and $750 each time they re-order. Our customer base is very loyal to our all-natural skin serum. Getting repeat orders should not be a problem for you.     


You Can Also Earn a $50 Bonus on Sales Reps You Refer to Us!

You’ll earn a $50 Bonus when you find someone who wants to sell our skin serum and they sell 10 jars.

If you meet someone in the course of your day who would be interested in making extra income by selling our skin serum, you’ll earn a one-time $50 bonus once that person has sold their tenth jar. Bonuses that are due you are paid on the first of the month. There’s no limit to the number of bonuses you can earn by finding people would like to make extra money. For example, if you meet ten people this year who would like to sell our serum, and each person sells ten jars this year, you will make $500 in bonuses.  If you find twenty people who would like to sell our serum, and each one sells ten jars, you will earn $1,000 in bonuses. Note: You do not have to sell any jars in order to receive this bonus.     

You can order your Business Starter Kit here or on the 'Shop' page.

Jenny and I sincerely believe that anyone can make good money with our Sales Representative Financial Plan, and we are here to support you in any way we can. We are easy to get in touch with by phone or email. Let us know how we can help you succeed with our company.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Lou and Jenny Painter

Owners of Lou’s Organic Lab LLC





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